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Artists Profile

I have always gravitated towards both the photographic world and the textiles world as a means to express oneself. As a young girl I remember being influenced by both my mother and grandmother and their never ending talents to create homemade clothes and knitted garments aswell as becoming increasingly interested in the photographic work of my father. By having these early influences and immediate sources of inspiration, this led on to experimenting with both of these creative fields.

I studied both Art and Textiles at high school and quickly became aware of their creative possibilities for expression. This further lead me onto studying a degree in Design: Photography, where I began photographing the differences within the female body and how we as women often feel pressure to become the ideal. I also continued to study the history of fashion and costume, particularly the extremeties for body modification within fashion including an indepth look at the evolution of the corset. Later whilst working as a junior seamstress for a bridal store, I became aware of how much fabric is wasted in the industry and began to create works that made use of 'upcycling' these precious fabrics and materials.

I have completed a number of commisioned pieces for private collectors and also have a selection of work for sale in two Exeter stores; Sew Bazarre and Bunyip Beads and Buttons as well as online at my Etsy and Bigcartel stores. I hope to have an exhibition of both my textile and photographic work in the near future.